frazzled by a roof?

So as part of a whole chain of events, involving remodeling and a roof leak, among other may-you-live-in-interesting-times life occurrences, we’re getting a new roof on the house. Which for the most part is a good thing.

However, I come home today to find a couple of messages on the machine. They’re both from the roofer, saying “Hey, we’re going to come out tomorrow to start the tear-off. Is that OK?”

Well yes, but the lack of actual notice (I didn’t have any dates other than
“when we get all the materials in” for when things would start) kind of throws
a crimp in things, if only because I have to clear out the yard, make sure the inside is dog-safe, and make sure there’s power and sodas/water available for the roofers. Then I have to request a couple of days off work (or to work from home) to watch the birds in case they have any reactions to the odors from whatever sealants and such they’re going to use.

I’m good with it for the most part. I think it was just the sudden transition from waiting to MOVING that made me frazzled.

But I think everything’s OK now. I will be happy when it’s done, and it will be
a nice, professionally done roof. Yay.

2 thoughts on “frazzled by a roof?”

  1. Damn the fuckers that did such a crappy job fixing this current roof. Yes, I just said the “f” word. I said fuck. Come get me. (oops. wrong topic? sorry.)

  2. o_O *points at previous comment*

    Yah, it’s easy to get frazzled with little things like say… A HOUSE! ;) Naw, seriously, i’d be frazzled as i’m sure everyone else would. It’s sort of like being rushed into surgery without much notice :/

    The upside as you said, is that the house will be totally spiff with its new digs on up top.

    Hooray for the house’s new toupe!! :D

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