gearing up some

This weekend, it was hot. Unhappily hot. We pretty much spent it lazing around in air conditioning or well-cooled spaces. Not a lot got done, but that’s OK.

I did manage to:

  • dump the pix off my camera cards (finally)
  • select and upload the pix for part II of the how to soundproof a room series
  • play with HDR photos and photomatix (still don’t really like the way they’re coming out for me, but I’m still playing with the software too).
  • shave like my grandpa (*much* better than the electric razor I’d been using for years)
  • reestablish almost all of the (NetApp) snapmirror relationships from our move of the catastrophe recovery filer’s disks across the country
  • find goth kleenex:

    black-dyed tissues

    from Japan Trend Shop via Oh Gizmo!

  • start traffic graphing some of our fibre channel switches

and a few other things too.

Going to try more of blogging the inane stuff as well as the meaty stuff. It should at least get me into the posting habit, even if it’s not all substantive.

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