this is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time

So I’m a big fan of electrostatic speakers; the kind that move a large diaphragm between two high voltage stators, instead of relying on an electromagnet to move a cone back and forth. They’re usually way too pricey for me; I have a pair I was lucky enough to pick up at a store-closing sale. I think they sound better and more natural than most standard (cone) speakers.

However, this plasma speaker seems impressive. I’m curious as to how it actually sounds in real life as opposed to through a camcorder; but I like the idea that the gas is basically pushing the air around, and nothing else.

I found this one at VideoSift:

and another plasma speaker where they do more playing around with the plasma arc. It also reminds me of the tesla coil guitar amp or the midi controlled tesla coil.

Not sure I’d actually want a plasma speaker. But the concept is cool.

The other piece of audio interestingness I’ve found recently is the Dodecasub, which apparently due to its configuration and the way in which they wire up the drivers, will give you wonderful bass in front of it up to a distance of about 15 feet, but almost nothing to the rear and outside the room you’re in. I’d have to see (hear) that to believe it, but I like the idea.

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