so i’m 12 weeks late…

…to the first post. In the grand tradition, I’ve not done a good job at all of keeping my new year’s resolutions; though I’ve done OK at the whole not obsessing or getting cranky thing. Everything else, well, at some point soon I’ll make progress, really. I promise.

A couple of notes and bitchings. First, I can’t get enough of QI — the Quite Interesting quiz show out of the BBC. Basically, it’s sort of like Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me from NPR if you take out the news and the callers and just let the guests banter about whatever topic is put before them. Curse the person who thought of region coding DVDs; we’ve been importing the discs from Amazon UK —
Quite Interesting: The A series and Quite Interesting: The B series — and have been having great fun enjoying Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, and the rest pass BS and generally make up interesting facts about whatever they like. It’s sort of like Balderdash with comedians and intelligent people.

Second, I’d like to take this opportunity to decry the ineptitude of either certain flash programmers or of the flash plugin itself. Granted I’m writing this on an older system, but lately it seems everyone and their subsidiary needs to write a fancy new video player or fun animated flash ad; every one of these increases the page load time for web pages I surf, frustrating the heck out of my attention-span-challenged self as I sit there waiting for a page to finish so that I can start oh, say, scrolling down to read it. The worst are the web sites that write their own video player and don’t test it on anything but the fastest modern systems; YouTube’s viewer is just fine, thank you, while sites like Gizmodo and UCB Comedy feel the need to write a bloated pig of a player that can at best perform 1 frame every three seconds on my poor overworked system. The first rule of web design is that thy page should not take more than 5 seconds to load. (I realize this site is also an offender, but I’m working on optimizing it and keeping it as fast as I can with the old server it lives on.)

[update: as I just found out, apparently clearing out the cache of flash movie stored data at Adobe’s flash player privacy manager (it’s a special page that pops up the control panel for the flash player) with ‘Delete all’ makes the flash player pop up much speedier. However, it still doesn’t fix inefficient flash media players.]

Beyond that, I’ve discovered the magic of lemon butter and how they can make cooked greens like chard and the like taste yummy; I’ve been practicing the horrendous-for-you but oh-so-good recipe for Ruth’s Chris restaurant sweet potato casserole, and the first couple of tries have gone OK. (I can’t afford to go eat there, but I don’t mind so much if I can recreate their best dish at home.)

More to come soon, I hope. We’ll see if I can’t catch up to that third New Year’s resolution.

2 thoughts on “so i’m 12 weeks late…”

  1. I actually know one of the main people behind the creative portion of the UCB site. Do you have any specific suggestions I can pass along?

  2. Cool — my only suggestion is that they test on some slower computers than they seem to be, and that maybe they could look into a different flash video player than they’re using. I don’t really know what to suggest beyond that.


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